We don't take any fees, or any commission for ourselves. We just love helping startups.

We also invest in the best pre-seed and seed-stage startups on the Platform Ventures network

400+ sales executives

SDRs and senior account executives from B2B software companies like Adobe, UiPath, Salesforce, SAP, Intuit, ServiceNow, Snowflake, Twilio and many more, with a deep understanding of enterprise pain-points and use cases for new software solutions

10,000+ enterprise contacts

with close business relationships to our sales executives, who have sold over $200 million worth of software contracts in their careers to over 10,000 enterprises. Relationships with enterprise CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and other decision-makers

Real sales, no fees

Our sales executives are not employed by us, or you.

They love startups. They are entrepreneurial and they want to help spot and nurture the next generation of enterprise software giants.

We make sure that our sales executives see your sales deck. If they like what they see, they'll already know who your ideal buyers are.

At this point, we'll send you a short brief from our sales executives, including their proposed target client(s), details about their existing relationships, previous sales, and specifically with whom.

We then set up a brief intro call, directly with the sales executive. If you'd only like them to facilitate warm introductions, you will only pay them a 2% commission of the sale if it closes.

If you choose to work directly with the sales executive, they can help make sure that you close your sale. Once they have closed the new deal, they will receive a 10% commission.

Much more importantly, we hope that you choose to work with them again.

♥︎ If the love is mutual, we hope to see you add them to your cap table, bring them in as a director and win lots of new clients together! 🚀